By Jeffrey R. Wolfe, Senior Vice President, Manager of Wealth Planning Strategies

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Today is officially Senior Citizen’s Day.  With that, it seems like as good of a day as ever to remember it’s important to get your estate planning organized and efficient.  You should know where your estate planning documents are located, and what they say.  Often times people may have a will or trust “somewhere,” whether that’s in a file cabinet or a safety deposit box.  Those documents control what happens to your assets, so be sure to keep your planning documents organized.

Not only is it important for you to understand your estate documents and know where they are located, it’s also important to share this information with key individuals.  For example, you’ve likely named someone as your personal representative and/or your successor trustee.  Have you informed that person of your request?  You should make sure they are aware of your intentions and confirm they are willing to serve.  If not, you may need to update your planning.

While you may not want to share the details of ultimate distributions, it is important to share the location of your documents.  Your successor fiduciaries will need to know how to locate the documents and perhaps who your tax and legal advisors are so they can seamlessly transition into their roles when the time comes.

To help with this process, ask your financial advisor about the Estate and Financial Organizer available through Benjamin F. Edwards.  This organizer provides for the accumulation of an abundant amount of information that can help you organize your affairs, and provide a one stop shop for your successors to begin when the time comes to assume their roles.

Creating an estate plan and keeping up to date is hard enough.  Don’t let a lack of organization cause any issues for you or your beneficiaries.  And be sure to celebrate and enjoy Senior Citizen’s Day.


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