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Call Your Edwards Advisor for a Limited-Edition Pumpkin Spice Financial Plan!

By Joanne M. Welker, CFA, Senior Vice President and Manager, Advisory Services

Coffees, cereals, cookies, candies and now even Spam have a Pumpkin Spice edition product, so we thought maybe we should too!   With a Pumpkin Spice financial plan, we help our clients’ dreams from turning into pumpkins and assist them with spicing up their lives along the way.

While it is true that a financial plan can help do these things, it is not a limited edition, but something our Advisors help their clients do day in and day out.  So, what is a financial plan anyway?  Does the thought of doing one intimidate you?  Let’s demystify it a bit.

A financial plan is not a budget.  You can learn more about budgeting here, but if you fear having someone telling you exactly what you can and can’t spend on every daily, weekly, monthly expense you have, you need not fear a financial plan.  Financial plans focus on higher level goals such as retirement planning, saving for college, putting money away for other dreams such as a second home or a big wedding, etc., while at the same time addressing things like estate planning and insurance needs.

Our Financial Advisors can provide both our “Financial Planning Review Organizer” and “Financial Planning Checklist” in advance to prepare you for the types of information to have on hand and things to think about to achieve an outcome of a successful, realistic and personalized financial plan.  We all have dreams – the point of a financial plan is assessing your current assets and savings strategy to see how realistic those goals are of being achieved.  And I know, maybe what you fear is hearing they are unrealistic, but they will not even come close to reality if you don’t start somewhere.  And that is what a good old, plain (not pumpkin spiced) financial plan can do.  Call a BFE Financial Advisor today to start the conversation.