Confluence Investment Management

Confluence Investment ManagementWith an investment philosophy based on independent, fundamental research, the evaluation of market cycles, macroeconomics, geopolitical analysis, and a value-driven, company-specific approach, Confluence Investment Management offers a variety of portfolio options. Led by Mark Keller, the former chief investment officer of Gallatin Asset Management, Confluence Investment Management offers innovative investment products which have stood the test of time across a broad range of economic and market cycles. Confluence’s Equity Income, Large Cap Value, Small Cap Value, Value Opportunities, and All Cap Value strategies are offered through the Benjamin F. Edwards Separately Managed Portfolios – Covered program. Confluence’s Global Macro Strategy which is led by Bill O’Grady, the former Chief Investment Strategist for Wachovia Securities (formerly A.G. Edwards), is offered through the same program. Confluence’s asset allocation strategies are offered in the Benjamin F. Edwards ETF Portfolios program. For more information on Confluence, please visit