Mutual Fund Portfolios

The Benjamin F. Edwards Mutual Fund Portfolios is a discretionary, mutual fund-only portfolio advisory program. The portfolios use models that are strategic in nature and are intended to provide the investor with broad style diversification. From the Limited Maturity model to the Aggressive Growth model, you can work with your financial advisor to determine an asset allocation appropriate for you.

The funds selected for each model are screened from a universe of more than 3,000 mutual funds which are reviewed for the following:

  • Favorable returns among peers with the same investment style.
  • Manager tenure and experience.
  • Reasonable size of the fund for the investment style.
  • Adherence to stated investment philosophies.

The funds selected are monitored on a quarterly basis to ensure they are adhering to their stated philosophy and are performing well relative to their peers and appropriate benchmarks. Periodic rebalancing will occur to ensure the funds conform to investment allocations.

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