Private Portfolios

Benjamin F. Edwards Private Portfolios is an advisory program where portfolio management services are provided on a discretionary basis, meaning that your financial advisor is not required to contact you before executing a transaction. Working together, you and your financial advisor will develop an investment strategy for your account, which will be monitored by your financial advisor to ensure that it remains consistent with and appropriate for your goals and objectives.

In addition, Benjamin F. Edwards & Co. and your financial advisor will provide the following:

  • Investing, reinvesting, selling or retaining assets at the sole discretion of your financial advisor based on your suitability profile.
  • Ongoing monitoring and security selection by your financial advisor.
  • Development of a customized asset allocation approach.
  • Rebalancing of the securities in your account as needed to conform to investment allocations.
  • Administration of any reasonable purchase restrictions you may request on individual securities and/or sectors.
  • Advice, provided by your financial advisor, on transactions proposed by you.